Business Services

At Film and Business Law we pride ourselves in being able to cater for your small business/startup needs both in the UK and USA.

Our Services include

Contracts: The keystone of all agreements. We can draft contracts for you, look through them to advise of clauses and help you understand pitfalls. Our access to UK/ USA lawyers means we can advise on transatlantic needs. We also have access to legal forms you are welcome to complete.

Trade Mark Registrations: Protecting your brand and logo in the UK/ USA and Australia. We can search the registers avoiding conflict of interest, handle registrations and prepare statutory declarations.

Intellectual Property

In the UK we can hold your work securely as a registration of your unique project. In the USA we can register your work with the United.

  • Limited Liability Partnership Agreement/ Limited company formations Licensing Agreements
  • Confidentiality Agreements/ NDA
  • Terms and Conditions for your business
  • GDPR