Mediation Services

In the event of litigation Film and Business Law has access to a reliable network or UK Barristers and USA attorneys. Sometimes, however, the idea of going to court is daunting and can be expensive. Mediation is an alternative way to resolve a dispute that is actively encouraged by courts in the UK. Starting mediation as soon as conflict arises helps to avoid escalating costs and entrenched provisions.

Mediation is a voluntary, non-binding private process where parties are encouraged to work cooperatively and constructively together to find a workable solution. It helps you to resolve disputes while aiding in reducing any future acrimony by identifying and addressing the critical issues with the full participation and agreement of all those involved litigation is often a time consuming, expensive and challenging process. The results of which frequently leave disharmony and a breakdown in relationships.

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Mediation can be used to help resolve a range of disputes. It can be particularly helpful for Independent filmmakers and freelancers who can often have bumps in the road. As soon as both parties agree on issues once it is put in writing and signed. The agreement becomes binding. In the event court proceedings have already started the court can issue a ‘Tomlin Order’ which will reflect what the parties have decided in mediation. 

Film and Business Law is pleased to offer the mediation services of a team of trained professionals who have a range of qualifications, experiences and skills. We can give you access to a neutral mediator who can facilitate resolution, through negotiation in a non-judgemental way. You can only reach a settlement can only with the consent of yourself and the other party in the dispute. You retain control of the mediation process as you fully participate in drawing up any settlement agreement.

The starting point to mediation is a call or consultation with us. We can help understand your issue and then advise you on the best way forward with a clear indication of time frames and costs. Give us a call on 0207 832 0321 or email us.