Literary Services

In our view, every great project starts with a pen and paper: a book, a film, a lyric.

Our team can help
you with

Content clearance services: This includes pre-publication advice about libel, malicious falsehoods, confidentiality and copyright. Libel laws vary in the UK and USA as does the burden of proof. Our service helps you avoid litigation and adverse publicity. If someone breaches your rights, we handle DMCA / content removal.

Trade Marks: We can register your Iogo and unique words in the UK, USA and Australia. Intellectual Property: We register your works with the USA copyright office and in the UK offer safekeeping of your work at our London Office.


We can help you draft contracts with publishers, read through the small print and give you access to legal forms for the UK / USA you can fill yourself. Legal Estates: In the event of your demise, you will certainly have specific instructions regarding the assignment of your works rights. We can help with this drafting your will or adding codicils.

In the event of a dispute, you will have access to with highly trained mediators and have a network of direct access barristers and US attorneys.

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