Our Music Service

Film and Business Law launched its service Film and Business Music in May 2014. Our essential services include: connecting you with the right song or artist for your film production and finding the perfect sound to match your visuals.

Music Supervision

We have access to a comprehensive eclectic catalogue available for TV, film and game studios. We are also able to source new sounds and gain exclusive rights to suit your needs. The music supervisors we work with understand the importance of finding the perfect song to compliment your edit and represent your client’s brand.

Artist Integration

When it comes to our artists, we can think out of the box and offer them exciting opportunities. Are you looking to integrate an artist into your project beyond a standard placement? Our unique relationship with artists and attorneys in the UK and USA allows us to arrange a variety of artist integrations including tours, live events, casting musicians, custom music and more. Our immigration division can handle all your visa needs.

Song Clearance

Hugely crucial if your client and creative teams have their hearts set on a specific song, we can clear it for you on all sides. Our legal team can also handle NDA agreements and transatlantic contractual matters.

Artists Rights

All the artists we work with their material, so licensing songs is quick and easy.

Music Sourcing

Once you’ve identified your brand’s sonic identity, or set a creative vision for the music you want to represent your brand, partners can help you source the right song from our catalogue.

Subscription Agreements

If you are a studio or network looking to place a large number of songs? We can work with you to arrange a blanket license agreement for a collection of songs.

Talent Procurement

If you are looking for a band to play your next corporate event? Or maybe you need ten groups for a promotional tour? Our talent manager can help you find the artist you need and our lawyers can arrange any visas required and sort out the contracts. It is that simple.

Rights Administration

Our service extends to companies seeking brands for commercial purposes. Our dedicated rights administration can save costs. Our partners liaise daily with Right Administration Services, ensuring you receive your full entitlement of revenue on shared brands.

Royalty Revenue Retrieval (For Composers, Songwriters Heirs)

If you’re a Songwriter, Composer, Heir and are the legal copyright owner, our partners can assist you in recovering royalties due. We also have trusted barristers and attorneys who work closely with us in the event your case requires litigation.

Clearance Consultations Budget Assessments

We can set up tailored clearance consultations to help you determine your needs. Our associates are happy to consult with student filmmakers, guerrilla- style indie producers or a seasoned major studio or networks, adjusting our rates accordingly. Our legal team often has access to sources of funding to help you realise future projects.

Copyright PRO Registrations

We can guide you through copyright registration and or PRO registration on your behalf whether you are Brand, Corporation or Business. We can register your work for you or consult with you on your needs allowing you the autonomy to register for yourself when the time is right for you.
For more details on any of these services and a transparent price quote, please contact us on 0207 935 0321 or drop us an email